Green Lighting

Seaport Lighting
In 2009 the Port of Olympia marine terminal completed two lighting projects, both of which included a large emphasis on energy and glare reduction.

Cargo Yard
Nine 80' tall cargo yard light towers were installed to allow for night time use of the terminal. Energy efficient metal halide lamps were installed rather than the more common high pressure sodium lamps. Each lamp was fitted with a glare shield and carefully aimed so as to light only the designated area with little or no reflected light. These are typically used during the winter months when the daylight hours are less than a full workday. They are equipped with a photo-sensor to ensure that they are off during the day when not needed.

Energy efficient T-8 fluorescent fixtures were added to the warehouse to replace the incandescent lamps previously installed. These lamps are on a zoned motion detector system so that only the areas with activity will remain lit. Along with a new roof, the Port has added solar panels to the south end of the warehouse to help offset the marine terminal energy bill. The goal of this is to maximize the energy harvesting incentives offered through Puget Sound Energy.