East Bay Redevelopment

The Port is working with the Department of Ecology, LOTT, and the City of Olympia on the cleanup and redevelopment of portions of the East Bay waterfront. The Port is contributing investigations of soil and groundwater contamination at properties within the East Bay area. These areas were used historically for a variety of industrial operations. The East Bay area is being redeveloped for mixed uses, including office, retail, commercial and hospitality, including the Hands On Children's Museum and the new LOTT Alliance headquarters.

The Port recently hired a consultant to perform a wetland assessment for two parcels of property located within the East Bay Redevelopment Site. The two parcels are the fenced areas across from the Hands On Children's Museum bounded by Jefferson Street NE on the west and State Avenue NE on the south. View the Wetland Assessment Report.

 For More Information
For more information about the East Bay Redevelopment site cleanup, visit the Department of Ecology's website on this topic.

For more information about redevelopment in East Bay, view the Port's real estate information pages.