The Olympia Airport is among the oldest public airports in the United States. Aircraft operated from the location, formerly known as the Bush Prairie Airfield Site, as early as 1911. The City of Olympia bought the airport property in 1928 and began paving runways and taxiways and building facilities.

Airplane being serviced on runway
World War II
The military obtained control of the airport and it was operated as a satellite facility to McChord Field at the start of World War II in 1941. When the war ended, the airport and adjoining property was transferred back to the City of Olympia under the War Surplus Act of 1944, with permanent restrictions that the land and facilities would be maintained and operated as a public airport.

In 1963, the Port of Olympia purchased the airport and its 700 acres of adjoining property from the City of Olympia to facilitate economic development. The airport consists of 835 acres and the adjoining industrial campus has 440 acres.

Aviation activity at Olympia includes:
  • Aerial photography
  • Air ambulance
  • Aircraft maintenance and overhaul
  • Department of Natural Resources aerial firefighting
  • Fixed wing and helicopter flight instruction 

Airport Statistics
  • Longest runway - 5,501 feet
  • Number of active runways - 2 
  • Number of based aircraft - 142 (2015)